Pricing for a Klein Command Unit starts at $3,490

 Available for Chevy Tahoe and Ford Expedition (add $150 for Expedition, for special mounting hardware).

Whether you are a Fire Chief running command for a large warehouse fire, or a SWAT Team commander on scene of a barricaded suspect, the Klein Command Unit is for you. It includes two locking latching drawers on the passenger side, two large open cubby storage areas, a two-sided magnetic command board which lays flat in a slide out drawer, storage shelves on the backside of the unit for various equipment or electronics, as well as a spot to store an SCBA unit or fire extinguishers (using your own bracket).

Options include:

  • Converting large open cubby to a slide out drawer
  • Adding hinged/locking door to cubby area
  • Adding radio/siren box to top of unit (will hold 4-6 radios depending on height of box)
  • Remove rear shelving (great to allow mounting for extinguishers or second SCBA)
  • Remove command board (reduces starting price to $3,050)

Klein Unit

Klein Unit Front View

Klein Unit Storage

Air Pack Storage

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