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If you use Res-Q-Jack vehicle stabilization accessories, we can help you store them!!

Plastix Plus offers a full line of heavy duty cargo boxes for all Res-Q-Jack equipment. These boxes are designed to fit specific pieces of the Res-Q-Jack products to optimize storage space and simplify deploying your system. The boxes are 100% HDPE plastic and are very rugged. We are so confident in their strength that we offer a lifetime warranty !!! The boxes are designed to be stack able or you can leave them side by side. They have built in carry handles on all sides for ease of carrying and storing. We have models (RQJ-3) available for the “Space Saver” Jacks as well as smaller boxes designed to hold all your chains, hooks and heads. A standard 4 point system requires 2 long boxes (RQJ-1) and 2 short boxes (RQJ-2). See below for dimensions and prices. If needed, we can custom build boxes to a specific size in case our standard sizes won’t work for your application.

RQJ-1 For standard length jack and strut 61" 13" 7.5" $300.30
RQJ-2 Small box for chains and straps 19" 13" 7.5" $140.02
RQJ-3 For "Space Saver" jack and strut 41" 13" 7.5" $260.44
RQJ-4 Medium Size Box for jack and strut 50" 13" 8.5" $275.25



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