Tuff Tote Cargo Boxes

The perfect solution for your apparatus equipment storage and organization problems is our Tuff Tote Cargo Boxes. Any size, and quantity. You tell us your dimensions, we build them.
Why have all your equipment rolling around in your apparatus trays?? With Tuff Totes, you can keep equipment neatly organized for rapid deployment during emergency scenes. Plus it makes clean up after a call very fast and easy.
We offer 2 styles of boxes. For lighter weight equipment, our standard construction boxes should do the trick.

While our standard construction boxes will hold most equipment you can throw at them, our HD (Heavy Duty) boxes have HEAVY DUTY reinforced ends to handle extreme weights such as rescue struts and jacks or chains. The ends of the box are recessed in which allows for larger welds on the inside and outside of the box.
The plastic we use is resistant to all chemicals, even hydraulic fluid!

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